Class Descriptions

Beginners Course – Iyengar Yoga 

This course is designed as a starting point to begin a yoga practice. Fundamental poses are introduced and broken down so students understand how to perform the postures and gain mind-body awareness. Each week builds upon the previous week allowing gradual steady improvement with the company of fellow beginners in a non-judgmental environment. At the completion of the course, students are encouraged to progress to the Level 1 classes to continue their yogic journey.

Level 1 Classes 

The Level 1 class is offered to further your practice. This class is still a beginner level, but will introduce more postures including forward and backward extensions and inversions. Different prop setups are also used to gain even more awareness in the postures.

Level 2 Classes

This level continues to build on the asana and pranayama practice. Students at this level should be able to perform headstand, shoulderstand, and basic backbends.