A Dozen Ways to Dog Pose

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For people born between Feb 18, 1958 and Feb 7, 1959, we enter into an auspicious year. Not only do we have the honor of turning 60 sometime in the coming year, but we celebrate the year of the Earth Dog with this Chinese New Year! This is the first time since we were born that the Earth Dog has come around and in recognition, I present a dozen ways to dog pose.

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For fun – Personality and Horoscope for the Earth Dog

Earth dogs generally cannot inherit much wealth from their forefathers, so most of them rely on their own efforts; they have the ordinary luck in youth and it’s hard for them to accumulate wealth; their luck becomes better in middle age and they have sound luck in old age.

Earth dogs are broad-minded, faithful, considerate, well-disciplined and they stick to principles. Also, they are grateful, chivalrous, brave and have the courage to take the blame for what they do, thus it’s easy for them to offend somebody. Earth dogs always have clear goals and they are self-poised towards success and failure, never compromising their conscience to do things. They are persistent and never give up. They believe in the life philosophy of taking their own road in a down-to-earth manner. Although earth dogs are very capricious sometimes, they never hurt others arbitrarily and they respect the other’s position and attitude rather than forcing the other to accept their opinions. Earth dogs don’t like to interfere in the life of others, vice versa.

Earth dogs have the artistic spirit, so it’s not suitable for them to work in industry and commerce circles with fierce competition and internal strife. It doesn’t mean that their physical strength or fighting spirit is inferior to others, but their practice and personality cannot cater to others in this complicated society.

In work, earth dogs are always meticulous and responsible and they are committed to their work and try their best to finish the work. Due to their serious and responsible attitude, they are more likely to succeed.

In terms of love, earth dogs are tongue-tied in the face of their loved ones. The most headache thing for them is the romantic love because they don’t know how to create the romantic atmosphere, or how to answer back when the partner takes the initiative. However, they will give all they have for their loved ones and they are very faithful.

Generally, earth dogs have favorable luck in making money but they need to avoid the money matters between friends and sign the agreement in advance to avoid the unnecessary loss in cooperation.

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