Pranayama in the New Year

New Year Resolutions.  I always have one or more every year.  Sometimes, I achieve my goal and sometimes I don’t.  The objective is that I move forward in the New Year with the intention of improving myself.  I will never become the perfect person, but I can always work towards being a better person.

Yoga is like that.  No one will ever perform all asanas (postures) perfectly, but the work we put in will pay us back by improving our physical health, calming our fears and anxieties, and bringing more peace in our lives.

One of my New Year resolutions this year is to deepen my practice in pranayama (controlled breath).  This practice is a more subtle form of yoga and therefore, one I have found hard to incorporate into my private practice.  However, the calming effect of this practice always amazes me.  For a sample of how breathing can affect your frame of mind, follow along with the picture below for a few minutes.  Observe how you feel before and after.




As a fire blazes brightly when the covering of ash over it is scattered by the wind, the divine fire within the body shines in all its majesty when the ashes of desire are scattered by the practice of pranayama.”  Geeta Iyengar

The pranayama practice is more involved that just deep breathing.  In my beginner class, I’ll introduce you to different asanas each week and one week a month the focus is on restorative postures and pranayama.  Come and join me and experience what yoga can do for you.

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